Monday, February 16, 2009

Decision Making On Car Repairs

It has been three months since we had our Nissan California’s body fixed. I intended to have its other parts fixed or replaced right after that but have not done any major replacement yet. I haven’t let its mechanic use his car lifts to replace the shock absorbers and the springs for the rear suspension yet.

My estimate is it would cost at least P8,000 for the parts, plus the camber alignment. But I am having second thoughts as whether I should get that done first or buy new tires. Because if I bought tires after replacing the rear suspension then I would pay double on the camber alignment. If I did the opposite I would face the same circumstance.

The best option is to buy a set of tires and then have them installed while the suspension is being replaced so I could just have the camber alignment done once. But, this would mean that I need to save up for the tires as well in addition to the cost for the rear suspension. So, right now I am just waiting and hoping that we’ll be able to start saving for all these.