Sunday, February 15, 2009

Clutch Cable Adjustment Did the Job

Last week, I had the clutch cable on our Nissan California adjusted. I have been experiencing difficulties in shifting gears lately, especially going on reverse. I would hear some metal parts scraping together when I shift to reverse. Aside from that, driving our car in the C5-Kalayaan Avenue traffic has been causing some strain on my left leg because I would have to press the clutch to the floor every time I shift and that is quite disturbing when I’d have to do it over and over during traffic. After having the clutch cable adjusted, everything about shifting has gone back to normal. I’m glad that it just took that to remove the shifting problem.

I admit that getting a new car has crossed my mind even though that is a remote possibility at the moment. The cost of the downpayment for a new car, plus the cost of auto insurance coverage and the registration is a big amount to hurdle. Maybe when things get better financially for us we would be able to do that, but not anytime soon. When that moment comes, I’ll see to it that I try to get low auto insurance rates from different websites that offer auto insurance online to minimize the cost of the insurance.