Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Just Blogging My Thoughts Down

As I write today, I realized I haven't blogged for a few days now. I have caught what most say as a writer's block. For a blogger, that's bad, especially when there are sponsored posts lined up. Usually, sponsored posts keep me writing, but the posts in between are what I run out of.

When I started this blog, I chose for it to become a personal blog so I could write anything I want. I thought, that would give me more things to write about. But still, it's better to blog when you are inspired by something - a topic, a news, a movie a song or anything happening around. I guess I have just become to busy with work and even working on sponsored posts that I am not able to tune in to details around me. That's really bad. It's bad when I would have to think hard of something to blog about.

So now, I just decided to just put my thought into writing. It feels good to be able to put your finger on how you are feeling, to understand yourself. I am hoping that this would put me back on a blogging roll until I catch up on assignments that I need to work on.