Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Successsful Approach to Online Gaming Addiction

My experience of ministering to the youth before becoming a full-time minister of a local congregation in Makati in the year 2003 has taught me that a lot of young people are having problems with online gaming addiction. Many have become addicted to playing and spending money to purchase wow toons for sale or the like.

But, I have talked to parents who have kids hooked into video games and some have allowed their kids to play regularly but on a short schedule. They did not totally keep their kids from playing such games, and I think that is a good way to handle that issue. They have been successful in their attempt to keep their kids from being addicted and from lying and stealing for the sake of being able to play. I have even seen parents who played video games once in a while with their kids.

I highly agree with this approach and the parent’s involvement in the lives of their kids plays an essential role in making this successful. When teens feel that they are understood and heard, they do not act defensively and they become more open. Rather than being too strict, parents should guide their kids and be sensitive to them - know when to draw the line.