Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Our Church Got a P10,000 Reduction in Rent!

Praise God! Finally, after weeks of negotiations with our church's current landlord, we finally agreed on a price. After much prayer, our church in Makati City was given a P10,000 reduction in rent after our 5-year contract, which did not have any rental increase, officially ended last Sunday. We agreed on a one-year contract but the owner asked for a three-month deposit and a one-month advance. Initially, he wanted a four-month deposit but we bargained for a two-month deposit and agreed to meet in the middle.

This agreement is really a blessing for our church, an answer to all our prayers - the landlord too, of course. It has given us more time in our current area and we hope that this year, our church's outreach will be more aggressive. Now we know that it was part of God's plan for us to stay in the Guadalupe Nuevo area, at least for another year. Our mission in our current location isn't finished yet.