Thursday, February 19, 2009

Waste, Spend or Invest?

I have been meditating lately about the fact that everyone on earth has the same amount of time in every day. We all have 24 hours given to us in day whoever we are - rich or poor, influential or not, young or old.

What differentiates us isn't the amount of time available to us but the manner in which we exercise our gifts, talents and treasures within the available time. We are all just stewards - people who have been entrusted with what we have.

I sometimes can't help but think about how I do as a steward. Am I faithfully developing and using the gifts, talents and resources given to me within the amount of time that God has allotted to me?

Within every stewardship relationship there are two parties involved: the master who hands out the resources and will one day ask for an accounting; and the steward who is entrusted with the resources and must eventually answer for how he handled them.

I can either waste the, just spend them or invest them. I hope that everything I do will be seen as an investment and I hope to continue discovering ways of investing the multiple resources God has placed under my trust.