Saturday, September 5, 2009

One More Day and I'm Thirty-Four

As I will be turning thirty-four tomorrow I can actually observe my pictures and see that I am indeed getting old. The gray hair on the sides of my head are starting to become so obvious and wrinkles around my eyes are becoming more prominent that maybe even the best eye cream for wrinkles would not be effective on them.

But even as another year adds on to my life I am reminded by a passage that says,

“Teach us to number our days aright, that we may gain a heart of wisdom. “ (Psalm 90:12)

Externally, as one gets older, a lot of things may be moving towards failing as the natural tendency of the corrupted body manifests, internally, wisdom is gained through many learning experiences. And I celebrate God’s faithfulness through all the years of my life especially this past seven years with my family because life has become more exciting with them. Thank You, Lord!



grayspirit said...

Worry not, son. You are still a baby in my eyes ... lol ... I'm retired ... and still not convinced that I'm old.

nuts said...

wow,.. advance happy birthday..

Oman said...

Hey. Happy Birthday and more to come. Mine is on the 8th. :)

Meikah said...

Happy birthday! Embrace God's blessings every day of your life. :)

toguints said...

34 isn't so bad...i'm turning 36 and have just started being excited about my life :)

Happy Birthday!

Eusebio said...

Hello there. Belated happy birthday po. My friend, Jonel, introduced your blog to me. And he mentioned something like you're a pastor also? :-)

Jeff Aspacio said...

Thanks for all your greetings, friends (grayspirit, earthlingorgeous, nuts, Lawstude, Meikah, toquints, Eusebio)! You have made my birthday extra special!

@Eusebio, yes I am a pastor. I went to your site, you are studying at IGSOL (formerly ISOT)? I took some units their for MDiv but wasn't able to finish. I think I have met one of the pastors in your ministry.

Eusebio said...

Yup, IGSL is formerly called ISOT-Asia. Wow! Glad to hear you've taken units at ISOT. Hope we can chat more. Kindly email me at

Thanks and more power to your blog.