Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Challenge to Students on Vacation

After the disaster that typhoon Ondoy brought, the education department Deped and CHED that there are no classes until Friday for elementary and high school students and until Saturday for college students. That means, no assignments, no arrangement and use of exam tables in school.

For a lot of students this means free time and time to go to the mall. But for those affected by the typhoon, there is no time to enjoy. A challenge to students out there: why not take this moment to live your life for others – take time to help out, volunteer or even initiate something that can assist those who are in need.



Reena said...

my parents went to LSGH yesterday. they said there were hundreds of student volunteers. :)

okay narin na wala silang pasok. esp on those areas really affected. im sure they are at home helping.

and for us professionals, it's good to have no heavy traffic for the past few days because of the suspension of classes. hehe..