Thursday, September 17, 2009

Staff Retreat at Doane Rest, Baguio City

This weekend the members of the pastoral and administrative staff (and family) of our mother church and its daughter and extension ministries will be holding staff planning and retreat at Doane Rest Ministry Retreat and Conference Center in Baguio City. I am personally excited for the chance to plan with other pastors and for our families to fellowship with each other in this trip.

Doane Rest Accommodations
(Family Cottages, 2 bedroom cottages, 1 bedroom cottages, 1 bedroom apartments)

I visited the official site of Doane Rest in Baguio ( to get a glimpse of the place and felt more excited to see that the place is very green, with some patio furniture and areas for kids to run around. It's a great place for families. The rates range from $36 to $72 for multiple occupants.

Doane Rest has a soccer field and a play area for kids

We hope we get some time to go around Baguio City and perhaps meet other bloggers and friends. Our three-day-two-night planning and retreat with the SBC family will surely be exciting and we are excited to get settled in to our room in Doane Rest.



zorlone said...

Have a great time at the Retreat bro!