Friday, September 4, 2009

Globe Tattoo Youniverse and IMMORTALTXT Launched!

Last August 29 Globe Telecom organized a bloggers' event to launch Globe Tattoo Youniverse and the new IMMORTALTXT. The event started light when almost all bloggers met at M Cafe at the Ayala Museum. We, bloggers, were all curious about the event's purpose and objectives especially because we were all invited to "dress to impress" and dared to do the unknown.

Bloggers met at M Cafe for the Globe Tattoo Youniverse launch

Harley motorbikers

We eventually learned that it was about Globe Tattoo Youniverse, Globe Telecom's new look online ( and IMMORTALTXT, their new promo. But it was after seeing Harley motorbikers arrive at the vicinity and we followed them to Handle Bar, where the main part of the event was held. We were greeted with loud band music playing and treated to a buffet lunch.

While some bloggers chit chatted with other bloggers, others enjoyed the bar's drinks and other amenities. We played billiards before the launch and while others ate lunch. Other bloggers sent their messages to Globe so they could see them on a big LCD screen where the Globe Tattoo Youniverse message senders text messages were viewed. Then after a few minutes, Pao Peña from Globe started to introduce the new image of their company online - Globe Tattoo Youniverse, a widget-based, interactive site for the new breed of Globe users. He also introduced the IMMORTALTXT, the first and only text offer with no expiry. Globe says that for just ten pesos (P10), subscribers can enjoy 50 texts to Globe/TM and 10 texts to other networks that will never expire. (To register, simply text IMMORTAL10 to 8888).

The Globe Tattoo Youniverse and IMMORTALTXT Launching

The main feature of the event was one blogger, among many bloggers who were dared to get a tattoo, was chosen to win a netbook. After the main band played (UP Dharma Down), the awarding and a short message from Globe Telecom's CEO, we were brought back to the Ayala Museum where everything began. It was a long event but it was great to be part of the first few to know about IMMORTALTXT and the Globe Tattoo Youniverse.



Unknown said...

Nice to hear that Globe has this service. they surely understands the trend and needs of filipinos. i was really delighted when they introduced Globe Duo then Gcash Click and now Immortaltxt in which my plan to apply for iphone 3Gs plan from Globe suddenly halted because of this. will probably buy this new Globe Tattoo Sim so that i can have a greater coverage for my internet. i am a loyal Globe subscriber if you would ask.

Unknown said...

i haven't had the chance to try this new Immortaltxt because i am currently subscribed to their iphone 3Gs plan yet i am enjoying the power of the iphone 3Gs. but i heard this is great, 10 pesos= 50 txt with no expiration, that is really amazing, i wonder how will smart react to it since Globe had the tied up with Apple for iphone 3Gs not to mention this 2 new service, Globe Tattoo Sim and Immortaltxt, let's just wait!