Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Join the Krispy Kreme Fave Fan Search Contest!

When I heard and read about the Krispy Kreme Fave Fan Search Contest I thought to myself that I really have to know how it works and blog about it. So I visited the site of Krispy Kreme contest’s official site at and read about how a Krispy Kreme fan like me or my four-year-old son can participate in the contest.

First of all, the Krispy Kreme FaveFan Promo is part of the celebration of their 72nd year in business. They are in search of their number one fan and it is ongoing in nine countries, namely, Australia, Canada, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, United Kingdom and our very own country the Philippines. It is required in the contest for a fan to submit a with a not-longer-than-72-word caption. In the caption, the fan must answer the question, “How has Krispy Kreme made your life special?"

The photos above are samples of what you can submit as entry in this contest of Krispy Kreme. It must be noted, though, that only fans aged 18 and older can join this contest and must have a passport and US visa (or are willing to apply for one at their own expense). But, any fan can get the opportunity of being called Krispy Kreme’s number one fave fan for the country they represent. The country winner will get 12 dozen doughnuts for a year and will be flown to Krispy Kreme’s home in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA where country winners will be introduced to each other. These country winners will compete against each other where they will have to design their own Krispy Kreme doughnut. These doughnuts that were designed will be uploaded unto the official Krispy Kreme Fave Fan website KIRSPYKREMEFAVEFAN.COM, where it will be subject to online voting. You can also
Join the Krispy Kreme FaveFan Promo Facebook page.

So start taking pictures or looking for those shots with you eating a Krispy Kreme donut and join the “Krispy Kreme Fave Fan Search” Contest now!