Monday, September 7, 2009

God Has Been a Faithful Provider

It has been more than two years since we have moved to our own house and as I look back I can’t help but be thankful to God for how he worked everything out for us. Since my wife and I got married in December of 2001and before moving in to where we live now, we have rented four times. The first one was an apartment near the Masinag area, the second one was a house in the same area, the third was in Pembo, Makati (September 2004) – that was when we got pregnant with our son, Jed – and the fourth one was also in Makati, in Comembo.

When I think about the times we moved, which also entailed packing our stuff (which was a lot because we inherited a library from my wife’s uncle) and carrying inside the house when we unpacked and re-arranged each time we moved to a new home, I can’t help but remember my conversation with my wife when we moved to the fourth house (2006). That apartment was on the third floor and we had to pass through a small and dark passage way and two flights up a narrow, wooden staircase. Just imagine how difficult it is to move stuff. We hired a moving company but I had to start moving little stuff and appliances using our car because we indeed had a lot of stuff in our house. That was so very tiring that out of exhaustion I told my wife that the next time we moved, it will be to our own house.

Since then, we have started praying to God about getting our own house. I testify today that He has been so faithful to provide our needs. The Lord has answered our prayers! In April of 2007 we moved in to our house. We didn’t have to think about house loan rates or mortgage insurance rates. Right now, we are paying a fixed amount every month and we will be doing this for less than twelve years more before the house is fully paid. At thirty-four, I just praise God that He has allowed our family to be settled this way. I give all the glory to Him!



Unknown said...

Congrats for getting your own house. I agree God is so greaT. Keep trusting in the Lord.

Mahalia said...

If we ask in His name, He gives without hesitation, according to His will. God wanted to reward your faithfulness with the desires of your heart. Stay faithful. Through good or bad, He alone can provide for all our needs. I am inspired to write something about this. I will link your site to my post.

Nasa draft mode palang. Give me an hour and it's posted in my site. I hope your don't mind.

Nakidaan ako through entrecard. Hello po!

idigeo said...

Hi Jeff. Life is good because God is great.