Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Promotional Items and Corporate Gifts SREDNARB For Now

From now until December, dear friends and visitors (who leave a message on my shout box), I will be visiting your blog twice for every single visit you make to my blog. And, I will be using two names which I will leave on your shout or chat box. The first one will be my name, Jeff, and it will be linked to aspacio.net and the second name which I will use to visit you for the second time at a different time within a 24-hour period after my first visit will be Promotional Items and Corporate Gifts SREDNARB and this will be linked to salebooksandmusic.com/srednarb_promotional_items_and_corporate_gifts.htm.

The reason for this is because I joined an SEO contest sponsored by Branders and the key phrase is Promotional Items Corporate Gifts SREDNARB and on December 22, 2008 at 9PM Pacific time, the top ten results for the three major search engines (Google, Yahoo and MSN) will be winners.

I don't have any formal background on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) but I really want to learn it, not just learn about it. That is the reason why I had the guts to join the SEO contest which is open only to Filipinos. I hope I would learn a lot from this experience, as scary as it may seem (to me, at least).

I hope that you would support me in this and I would appreciate a visit to the other link once in a while. If you are even interested in sending in an entry then join us (visit promotionalcentral.com)! The more the merrier!

But for now, I'll go by with a second name - that is, Promotional Items and Corporate Gifts SREDNARB. Thanks in advance, everyone, for your support!



Anonymous said...

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