Friday, September 12, 2008

Our Nissan California Project (Pictures)

This afternoon I went to Malabon and picked up our Nissan California from my Tito Adolfo. Thanks, Tito, you did a great job! And I was so excited to drive it all the way to our home in Antipolo. I made a few stops before getting home. I inquired from the gas station where our car's mechanic is about the Nissan California's undercoating and it would cost me P1,600. That will be part of my agenda tomorrow. I also had our car's A/C filled with freon as it's been a month that it hasn't operated that's why it wasn't cooling up the car when I drove it to Antipolo. I also had the door locks and one of the window mechanisms serviced.

But through all these expenses was the great look of our car. It looked exactly as I expected it. It was funny because my Tito and I had the same exact choice of color in mind when we were first closing the repair deal. And I am really glad that the car came out to have that classic look and glossy finish.

I thank God so much for this car. This has been a real blessing to us. Since 2003 this car has been my companion during my hospital and home visits to our church members, traveling to Makati, camp preparations and during camp itself. I have driven this to Zambales, Nueva Ecija, Tarlac and Baguio City. During that time, its body really needed a lot of repairs. Even though it couldn't protect me totally from the rain because it also rained inside when it poured, I still loved this car. And this has been God's provision to us as we ministered to Makati while we live in Antipolo City, and God used the deacons of our sending church to provide this for us.

And now, its not so glamorous but faithful service to its master has payed off. Our Nissan California was given a treat when we had it go through a major body repair. Now, it looks classic and impressive, at least to me and my family and our friends who have witnessed and experienced its past services and its present transformation.

So, I am pleased to present our Nissan California who has been there with us through thick and thin. Below are some of the pictures I took when I picked it up from where it was repaired.

Our Nissan California before repairs

Our Nissan California after repairs (more pictures below)

A great finish

The glass windows were also buffed

Some more cleaning were being done

Painted running board and mudguard

My distant cousin painted the Nissan logo white to make it stand out

I took this picture right after driving it out of the gate of my Tito Adolfo's house in Malabon



Anonymous said...

jeff, a great finish indeed. ganda! and I'm pleased to know you're active in church. wow. how noble :)

Anonymous said...

I remember seeing this model when I was still living there. I found this model cute, loved the hatchback style. It looks nice. If you have the glass tinted it will make a big difference, IMO.

Karen, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry" said...

Your car looks great! When I first saw the pictures, I didn't realize it was the same car!