Thursday, September 4, 2008

Extra Reward For Blogging!

Wow! I was surprised and excited to see some of the paid opportunities I did chosen as best posts to date at Socialspark (screenshots below). The first two were for this blog and the other one for my footballvideosandpictures blog.

I came across this info, about the first two at least, right after I did the opportunities. I was really happy to have my posts as best posts because I felt that I really worked hard on them and I looked real stupid while I was doing them.

For this last one, I only found out about this a few minutes ago. Just right after writing the post prior to this one. What prompted me was my visit to jpsimbulan's blog. I saw in one of his blogs that I visited a post about Football Stars. This then reminded me of an email I received from Socialspark hat I sort of hurriedly brushed off when I was checking my mail a few days ago which I eventually forgot about - until a few minutes ago. Seeing jpsimbulan's entry made me check my email (because I thought it was an invitation to write another paid opportunity). As I clicked the link in the email I received it opened to the advertiser's opportunity description page. I remembered doing a post for it and when I was skimming the whole page I saw that the post I made was the best post to date. And I thought, what a treat! It made me happy, so I decided to blog about it and share it to my friends online.



Miss Elle said...

naks naman jeff. hehe. galing. :)

Anonymous said...

thanks, miss elle. unexpected po iyon, but i was really glad about it

Anonymous said...

Good words.