Monday, September 15, 2008

How To Place Links On Blog Posts For Blogger: Compose Tab

This entry was made to provide clear instructions on how to place links on blog posts. I know that for many bloggers, this is very simple. But this is not for them, this is for those who need this and I know a blogger friend who actually needs this, and this is for her actually. Screen shots are provided below together with the instructions.

1) When you log in to your blogger account you will land on your dashboard.

2) Create a new entry/post for the blog you wish to create links in the posts for. Click 'New Post'.

3) You will then be directed to the 'Create Post' page. Make sure that you are on the compose tab (encircled with red line)

4) Proceed with writing your post. To create a link, just highlight the words that you want to have a link and then click the 'link' button.

5) A small page will then pop up and will prompt you to type the url or the web address which you would like to link to. Type the url or the web address, click 'OK' and you're done.

There is another way but it is more advanced, and you need to know the right html codes to type in to created the links. This is the easiest way, however.



Anonymous said...

Excellent website and content - many thanks

Anonymous said...

wow kuya jeff! this is great. it can really help a lot of new bloggers out there.

anne said...

Hi jeff I would like to share this one too I hope you dont mind. I know the codes on how to do the links but I didnt know that theres the simplest way on how to do it...thanks for this!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

i'm gonna make my own journal