Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Repairs On Our Nissan California

Our car before the California Project

Shot from the rear left

I visited my car today at Malabon and its repairs are almost done (Jennie calls it our California Project). My Tito Adolfo and his colleagues will just be doing some finishing touches this next few days and it will be ready to be taken home this Friday. Boy, am I excited!

At Tito Adolfo's house when repairs began

Body repairs almost done

With the primer

But somehow I'm starting to feel nervous because I know that when I get it back there will be more parts to replace and more services to be done on my Nissan California. As I think about it now I would need to have it undercoated, have its tires and mags replaced, and eventually its rear two shock and spring assemblies. Some of the other things that are not top priority are the replacement of its sidings and probably even a semi-upholstery (a touch of beige would look real good with its cocoa brown body color).

On the way to its first coating (this is not yet the final body color)

I'm excited to take pictures on Friday. I intentionally didn't take pictures during my visit today because I wanted to get a real contrast to the end product. I'll keep you all posted, promise!



Miss Elle said...

haha. kuya jeff, pics ha? promise yan. hehe. wanna see din. parang ako yung na-excite. but that's a good idea nga para you can tell the difference. :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, I promise, Miss Elle. Kainis nga kasi ilang tulog pa. :)