Saturday, September 6, 2008

And IZEA Has Spoken

First off, PayPerPost has responded to the support ticket I submitted regarding the blogs that had PR 0 in their system and they have updated my account as of last night. I was glad because the update was so obvious - I had 13 job opportunities available as compared to just one when my account was not updated. And I was able to grab two opportunities before going to bed last night.

But, the downside is I received an email from PPP regarding the blog assessment IZEA is having (they would extend that to Socialspark eventually) and, so far, one of my seven blogs approved at PPP didn't make to their cut. And the scary thing is IZEA's info says that if my blog fails the audit I will receive an email notification and will no longer be able to use that blog to take opportunities. I will still be paid for any outstanding posts that are currently in process and pass review. In addition to that, I will not be able to resubmit the blog for inclusion at this time. But if a blog passes the audit I will also receive an email letting me know I made the cut.

So right now 6 of my other blogs are left hanging, without any assurance that PPP would let them make the cut (I hope they do). It's a good thing I didn't put all my eggs in that basket.



Anonymous said...

Oh well, I still resent them for rejecting my blog. The first time that they denied me, because I was using Filipino as my language, second time is highly grammatical error and lately, it was because I blogged about cooking and I post photos...ridiculous right?

One thing that I see, why they always rejects me..I don't put their badge in my blog, I don't know if I'm right though.

pakicheck nga po grammar ko please hehehehe!

happy birthday po :)

Miss Elle said...

naku, di ko pa masyado alam yang mga PPP na yan eh. hehe. kaya medyo di ako maka-relate. but reading manilenya's comment, ganun ba sila ka strict? but then i could see some blogs na di naman pure english sinusulat ah but they post reviews. and earns money thru PPP. tapos just because she blogged about cooking and posted photos, i-reject nila?

haha. parang nadala ako sa comment ni manilenya pero kaloka yung reasons. :p


it's good that they already have sent you an email. for me, i am still waiting while nail biting myself.

aside from that mr.g already slapped my pr. hays.. blogging life talaga.

anyway, i am still thankful kay Lord na OK pa rin kahit papano.

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Anonymous said...

they kick me OUT waaaaa :( i cannot have ops anymore kainiz.. congrats ahhhh atliz 1 lang ang nawala ako kasi 1 lang blog ko don e tinanggal pa haayyy :D