Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Great Birthday Weekend!

I have been very busy these past days that's why I haven't been around my blog much. Weekends are usually my busiest time of the week because of church, but this past weekend was extra busy (special and positive busy) because my wife celebrated her birthday. Yes, on the same day President Marcos declared Martial Law many years ago. It was a great weekend as me and my son took Jennie to the mall to buy her a gift and to eat dinner together on the eve of her birthday. On her birthday, we had lunch at Eastwood City and strolled around then went to church again in the afternoon.

The day after, we just stayed home and did some catching up on our daily online money making quota and I decided to finally try hosting and found one that provided great service. This of course made me work on the Breaking Point site I set up.

Right now, I am just taking a break from setting up another web site which I intend to submit as an entry to an SEO contest as I try to learn SEO (no better way than learning on the job).



Anonymous said...

Sounds like you all had fun. I went to Eastwood with my childhood friends when I visited last year. Kakaiingit kayo dyan sa Pinas, ang daming mapupuntahan. :) Birthday wishes to your wife.

Shengyael said...

hey yah!!! belated happy birthday. better late than not greet you at all. hehehehe