Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thoughts on Typhoon "Emong" and the Rainy Season

This year the sunny weather, vacations and summer getaways were cut short as the rainy season came sooner than expected even as earlier today, Typhoon “Emong” was seen 110km Northwest of Iba, Zambales (130 km West of Dagupan City, Pangasinan). In the past, the rains would come around June or July but this year, I was surprised to experience the rains so early.

This early arrival of “Emong”, the typhoon and rainy season, in general, has somewhat cooled the really hot summer days. It definitely has made sleeping at night more comfortable, as compared to sleeping during the hot summer nights. We had to use up so much electricity then because we couldn’t bear the heat without air-conditioning.

My wife and I just hope that it wouldn’t destroy our late vacation plans which were set for the middle of June at Boracay. Otherwise, it would be better to have decided to go somewhere else like a location outside the country but not necessarily in a place where we would need a New York Bus Charter.

Well, we won’t really find out until the middle of next month if we were really supposed to enjoy Boracay in the rain or under the sun. All we can really do is just pray and hope that there won't be another "Emong" or typhoon during that time.