Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Blue Water Day Spa Launches New Treatments with Karylle and Akihiro

Tonight, an event sponsored by Blue Water Day Spa launched their new image models, Karylle and Akihiro plus four new treatments offered by their company. The event, which was held at the C3 Events Place in Greenhills, was attended by different media representatives.

Akihiro and Karylle: Blue Water Day Spa's new image models

Karylle and Akihiro’s entry into the Blue Water Day Spa family forms part of the spa’s continuing development program proven by their launching of four new treatments, namely 1) The Athlete's Massage, 2) The Tibetan Meridian Fire Therapy, 3) The Comfort Zone Monticelli Mud Treatment and 4) The Biovegetal Enzyme Skin Peeling.

The Spa Theatre of Blue Water Day Spa

Another proof of the spa's development is their introduction of the Spa Theatre which features state-of-the-art screen and projector system, the latest speaker technology and acoustically designed walls—for superb movie viewing. But in lieu of theater seats, this massage center has installations of modern spa chairs to allow viewers to fully relax while watching their favorite movie.

The new models and services launched in the event were altogether perfect as Blue Water Day Spa's development program attempts to provide innovation and something new to clients of spa services. Truly, the four new treatments, the Spa Theatre , Karylle and Akihiro are a perfect combination for Blue Water Day Spa's image and services.



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