Saturday, May 9, 2009

How to Apply for a US VISA: One of My Goals for This Year

I am trying to learn how to apply for a US VISA in the Philipines. No, I do not have plans to do some New York Sightseeing, but I do have intentions of going to the US to visit my relatives and in-laws and probably try to meet some pastor friends that I have who are there. But, the first thing I have to do is to apply for a US VISA. I don’t know the steps except those that are in the US Embassy’s procedures but I am sure that travel agencies who handle US VISA applications have more to add to the steps I am aware of.

So I really need to start getting information on how to apply for a US VISA here in the Philippines. I did a quick search on this and got different results but most of them are about general procedures or steps on US VISA application. What I am trying to look for are some tips from those who have personally experienced applying for a US VISA from scratch.

One friend advised me to first open a Dollar account because most agencies recommend that so you can establish financial capability for the travel in the US. There are some who recommend getting an invitation from a relative in the US. They say that invitations are a great addition to the documents that are to be presented in the US Embassy when you apply for a US VISA. These things that were shared are the kind of tips I am looking for actually.

Perhaps I would really need to avail of the services of a travel agency because they know all about these things. So as I type this blog entry, I suddenly thought that going to a travel agency is a wise thing to do because they can guide me through the steps I need to take so I can know how to apply for a US VISA in our country, the Philippines.



lemuel said...

bro, i haven't tried it yet but my relatives advised that i should get an invitation from either a company, work or an important event to attend to. Trainings, seminars, or better scholarships. They say it is difficult because Pinoys have a tendency to go TNT.