Saturday, May 30, 2009

Terminator Salvation: My Movie Premiere Experience

The Terminator Salvation Movie Premiere held last Wednesday at Greenbelt 3, Cinema 2 was a blast! This special screening was made possible by Columbia Pictures and TV5 and I got to watch it with my wife and many other friend bloggers. I have watched the three previous Terminator movies and was not really a big fan, but watching the movie made me want to go and rummage for some copy of the first three ones.

On our way to watch the movie premiere of Terminator Salvation, we met some friend bloggers and plurkers, namely Cher and Rochelle. Driving to Greenbelt 3 was smooth, although we did encounter some traffic in the Makati business district area, but over all it was quick and easy. While inside the Greenbelt 3 parking, however, my car's clutch cable gave way and I was forced to drive the car without using the clutch to shift. It was quite an experience but I was fortunate enough to have eased the car into a parking space.

With all these distractions, I was still so glad that I was able to watch the movie which starred Christian Bale who played the role of John Connor and Sam Worthington as the new terminator, the T600. The movie also included a surprise appearance of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Terminator Salvation was action-packed and the graphics were also spectacular. There were some who thought the ending of the movie was quite lame, but I liked how it ended.

The evolution of John Connor in Terminator

But, because of the violence,it isn't recommended for children and that is also the reason why it was given a PG 13 rating here in the Philippines. Over all, I like the movie and I enjoyed it. Even with all the hassle I had to go through, knowing that after the movie my wife and I had to take public tranportation and that the next day I would have to go back to Greenbelt 3 for the car and replace its clutch cable, I still would watch the movie premiere of Terminator Salvation.