Sunday, May 31, 2009

3G Made More Accessible by Red Mobile

More than a decade ago, 3G was not even heard of. The capabilities that come with this technical specification for wireless and data communication at much faster rates are so numerous that years ago, I and most people wouldn’t have thought that they were possible.

When I got introduced to gadgets it was in the mid or late 90’s and my first gadget was a beeper. It then evolved to a cellular phone and it was the time when text messaging first became available. But now, gadgets that offer only this service are considered as low end.

But cellular phone units that offer 3G capabilities are considered almost a part of the high end category. Red Mobile, a current hot network, has phones such as the red Spark and red Flame that offer a package that is easy and handy. They include the added advantage of 3G capabilities.

Red Flame

Aside from the 3G capabilities that this new network offers, they also have the cheapest/lowest call rates and of course these rates are easily availed of with Red Mobile’s campaign to make 3G so available to everyone – The Red Mobile Revolution. Their newest handsets can cost as low as P3,290.

Red Spark

As new technology continues to develop, I hope to learn to adapt to it and use it to the full, taking advantage of the new ideas that make life easier and more comfortable.