Friday, May 22, 2009

Incorporating Magic Tricks in Messages/ Sermons

This is one new thing that I am trying to learn: using magic tricks as object lesson or illustration in my messages for the youth and for sermons during regular services. I was actually inspired by two people to do this, a Christian magician known as Amazing Arnold and a professional magician-friend, Kel Fabie, whose site is

Right now, I have set as a goal to learn some magic tricks which I can use at least once a month as object lessons during my sermons. At the moment, I have learned two tricks and am planning to use one of them this Sunday. I am excited to make use of tricks/ illusions in my messages.

I just hope I would become so comfortable with the routines that I wouldn't need to focus on the tricks because while doing this, I don't want to compromise the important part of preaching an that is to communicate the Word of God. My goal is to make God's word as dominant as before, but just adding some extra magic tricks to make the sermon illustrations more interesting.



Magician said...

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