Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Your Options During an Emergency

We live in a world that is imperfect. People disappoint us, some things we put our trust on disappoint us, like our jobs and our salary. I haven’t always like the idea of loans because I’ve heard of the statement that ‘the borrower is servant to the lender’ which is true. But sometimes emergency situations arise and even as we are waiting on our salary to come it’s just not there yet. So what other options do we have?

TrustSource.org is a website where you can read reviews of people about payday loans and cash advance sites they have used and have ranked. You can find sites here that can supplement your monthly income when needed. Whether you need money for paying bills, car problems, a quick grocery run or for medical emergencies, you can find sites here that are specialized on your particular need and situation. The minimum requirements are first, you have to be employed for at least three consecutive months, and must have an income of at least $1,000 and you must have a valid checking account that is open for at least three months. Applying for a payday loan or qualifying for one is fast and not difficult. A piece of advice: make sure to be responsible enough to include in your list of bills the payment for the loans you have.