Monday, January 28, 2008

Tips on Handling Your Finances

Are you having shortage on cash? Have your expenses for this payday exceeded your budget? Here are some tips to get you right back on track.

1) Make a list. Write down what you own, what you earn and what you owe. Keep good records, keep receipts. This will help you evaluate your spending.

2) Tell your money where to go. Make a budget and try to stick to it. Instead of being controlled by your money, take control of it instead.

During an emergency you can make a cash advance or a payday loan. You can try Their payment options are flexible and services discreet so that you get the cash you need immediately. Applying and qualifying at for payday loans is quick and easy. Just make sure you include paying what you owe off in your budget on your next payday.

3) Give back to God. Tithing is important. It is an act of worship where we say that God is first even in our finances. It all came from Him anyway so it is also an act of gratitude when we give our tithe.

4) Save for the future. You can try the 10/10/80 principle. You can tithe the 10%, save another 10% and live off 80% of your income. Many people who have grown wealthy followed this pattern.

5) Share your blessings. That will keep the blessing on you flowing. Instead of being stagnant we must be flowing rivers of blessings.

Try these and see what happens.