Monday, January 21, 2008

From Father To Son

After a few weeks my family and I finally were able to visit my niece, Shane, again. She is less than a month old and has started to gain weight (good for her). My son, Jed was very excited to see her. Aside from being able to visit Shane, we also were able to bring home the bed that I used when I was still single. That bed has been around for more than ten years now. My mom has been asking me since early last year to bring this bed to our house so my son can use it.

After I set up the bed and my wife had put on a bed sheet my son, excited, immediately wanted to get up the bed - now it's his bed. Not that he was excited to sleep on it, he really just wanted to jump on it - yeah, that's how playful my 2-year-8-month-old son is. I personally think he's not yet ready to sleep in his own room; he's gotten used to sleeping on the same bed where his mama and papa sleep. But, we do want to slowly train him to sleep on his own bed, and not beside me and Jennie anymore.

I'm just amazed how time flies quickly. I couldn't stop recalling the feel of that bed when I slept on it, and now Jed would need to start getting used to that new feel underneath him. Oh, well. that only means on thing - I'm getting old. :)



Anonymous said...

Last night, my cousin returned from a four-month training in a government camp. He told me he spent his birthday--which I totally forgot--there without his batchmates knowing it.

"So you're already 27?" I asked him. "Oo, Kuya."

I replied, "At 29 na ko this year."

We're almost in our 30s, but our days as young boys in our small barrio seem like just yesterday.

Jeff said...

Talagang mabilis ang pagdaan ng panahon, Ederic. Thabks for dropping by.