Monday, November 23, 2009

Still Praying for Peace and Confirmation

It was a few months ago when a pastor from Canada visited our church. He turned out to be a friend of a friend pastor who is now back at our mother church as one of their pastoral staff.

He offered me help in case I would need it in the future as I have shared to him my desire to visit the US in the future to get some sponsors as our church is moving towards becoming independent from our sending church. He offered to provide accommodation because Toronto hotels will cost more.

Last Sunday, there was another pastor, but based in New Jersey, who visited our church and also offered the same kind of assistance in case I ever set foot on US soil. As I have been praying about applying for US Visa next year, I guess these are little confirmations that that direction is indeed what God may allow me to do. But I am still praying and asking for a more definite answer and of course some peace about this.