Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Press Release: Honda’s over 100,000 Civic owners Build The Civic Republic

Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. recently celebrated over 100,000 Civic units sold in the Philippines at the Fort Strip Plaza. The entry of the Civic in 1991 stirred the local automobile industry and set a new benchmark in its class. Gaining the attention and approval of car enthusiasts, the Civic became the country’s number one compact sedan for 5 years.

With over 100,000 Civic owners sharing the same passion for excitement and innovation, Honda builds THE CIVIC REPUBLIC – a republic of like-minded people exhibiting the same character as the Civic: attractive, fun-loving, gadget savvy, reliable and responsible.

Photo with Honda Cars Philippines President and General Manager, Hiroshi Shimizu at the Civic Republic celebration

Free gas cards raffled out to some Honda Civic owners

“We have more than 100,000 Civic owners to thank for their constant trust and confidence in the Civic brand. Their support allows us in reaching another Honda milestone that we deeply value. To show our appreciation, we at Honda will not stop in looking for ways to serve our customers best.“ said Mr. Hiroshi Shimizu, President and General Manager of Honda Cars Philippines, Inc.

Throughout its heritage, the Civic always stands at the forefront of innovative advancements to meet the changing needs of the times. As years go by, the Civic has become a successful global car that provides new levels of values in its driving performance, fuel economy, ride and interior comfort, safety and environment features.

The development of the Civic is an embodiment of Honda’s challenging spirit as it defied the norms of early times to pave way for technological evolution. Rolling off in 1972, the first generation Civic was designed as a compact and nimble car to suit people’s lifestyle worldwide. The first generation Civic had front-wheel-drive to maximize space. Cars back then had rear-wheel-drive orientation. Nowadays, front-wheel drive is the mainstream system for cars around the world.

Essential in strengthening Honda’s reputation overseas was the introduction of Civic CVCC in the U.S. back in 1974. The Civic CVCC was the first car to pass the U.S. Clean Air Act, the so-called ‘Muskie Law.” The evolution of the Civic also benefited from Honda’s expertise gained from its Formula One experience. From the CVCC engine, its F1 experience led Honda in applying double wishbone suspension system to the Civic. It’s the very same suspension design that could be found in F1 racing cars and luxury vehicles. In the late ‘80s, the Civic SiR model with DOHC VTEC engine was introduced. With its VTEC technology, Honda realized an ideal engine performance that combines high power output and low fuel consumption by varying valve timing.

Through the years, the Civic brand has successfully created a name in the field of cutting-edge technologies, sporty performance, modern-day styling, remarkable fuel economy and clean emission. For these reasons, the Civic has earned several recognitions from different awarding bodies here and abroad. Internationally, the Civic has been named Japan Car of the Year for four times, AJAC (Auto Journalists Association of Canada) Car of the Year and North America’s Motortrend Car of the Year to name a few. Back here, the Civic has taken the Philippine automotive industry by storm as it won back-to-back recognitions specifically, the CAGI (Car Awards Group Inc.) Car of the Year and Auto Focus People’s Choice Automobile of the Year awards. In addition, the Civic has also won the Auto Focus People’s Choice Compact Sedan of the Year for three years in a row.

Winning the preference of car markets all over the world, the Civic has exceeded 18 million sales mark in over 160 countries. Overwhelming support of the customers has pushed the Civic in becoming Honda’s best selling model for more than 25 years.

To be part of the Civic Republic, visit any of Honda’s 26 authorized dealership in the country. For more details, check out www.hondaphil.com.