Tuesday, November 10, 2009

November Holidays and Black Friday Coupons

It’s November again and holidays are here, left and right. After a long weekend in the beginning of the month because of All Saints Day and All Souls Day, Thanksgiving is just around the corner. I remember this time last year I was already surfing the internet for the best thing to buy. You may wonder why but it’s because of the day after Thanksgiving which is Black Friday!

Black Friday in the US is the biggest sale day of the year. It’s the day when many people do their shopping for Christmas because prices are so, so low. Friends in the States are now trying to look for Black Friday coupons and discounts. But, for me, I do not have plans to buy anything this year. First of all, I have no one in the US to ask a favor from. Actually, there are but I feel that it would be too much a favor to ask them to start falling in line the night before Black Friday just to make sure that they’ll get what needs to be bought. I will probably just wait for prices to drop here for what I plan to buy.



Dauqs said...

Can't wait for Black Friday. I hope I have enough budget!