Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Black Friday Ads, Sales,Coupons in Walmart, Target, Sears and Office Depot

A few more days to go and the internet will be filled with searches about Thanksgiving cards, greetings, gifts and even Black Friday ads, sales, coupons in Walmart, Target, Sears, Office Depot and other big shopping venues. This is because majority of the US population is online and have become dependent on the internet for information. The last time I heard, at least 80% of the US population is connected to the internet.

On the eve of Black Friday, people awaiting sales, coupons, discounts and ads will line up outside Walmart, Office Depot, Target and Sears stores and on Black Friday itself, will tire Honeywell Barcode Scanner units in these stores. Last year, I made my own attempts to buy something for myself a discounted laptop but stores ran out of stocks right away.

I am glad that this year i already have a laptop that I can use. What my wife and I are planning to get for Christmas is a netbook so she can have her laptop serviced and that I can be more comfortably mobile. I also am thinking about getting a 500GB external hard drive and I hope that stores here would give discounts, coupons, ads and sales for the Christmas season similar to Black Friday 2009 in the US.



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