Saturday, February 23, 2008

When Emergency Strikes...

Are you ready for an emergency in your family or company? If your house or office building burned down or if it were destroyed by a hurricane and you were not able to salvage important records or documents?

If your answer is no or if you’re not sure, then visit This site is a secure online planning resource that aid individuals, families or companies in organizing better the very important personal, medical and financial information and minimize the effect of natural disasters. securely organizes those critical information and allows its members to access that information from any location, whether local or foreign, 24 hours a day from any web-enabled device.

This company can help anyone create an emergency plan, calculate supplies for their emergency kit and get reminders to rotate the supplies available. They offer the first-of-its kind emergency toolkit which is an interactive evaluator and calculator that help create a complete emergency preparedness toolkit.

Their site is very user friendly and easy to navigate with a sitemap at each page, assisting people who are visiting their web site by allowing them to access other services or offers in just one click.

Interested parties may even get a free gift by signing up which is a good strategy to motivate their would be clients.