Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Drum Rudiments: Double Stroke Roll

It has been weeks now since my last post in this series of entries on drum rudiments. I apologize for the delay but I hope that, if anyone has been following this series, they would already have developed 1) the proper way of holding the drum sticks, 2) the proper way of hitting with the drum sticks, 3) the strength of their stroke and 4) playing comfortably at slow and fast tempos with the first three lessons (Lesson 1: Single Stroke Roll, Lesson 2: Single Stroke Four, Lesson 3: Single Stroke Seven).

This next drum rudiment also shares the same objectives as mentioned above with the addition that it will 5) develop control in the hands and wrists as the drummer accomplishes the double stroke roll at higher tempos.

In this drum rudiment, each hand does two strokes alternately. As this is done, the drummer must be conscious about 1) applying the same strength (or sound) on both strokes made by one hand and 2) the spacing of each stroke, making sure that they are all evenly spaced. Using a metronome can help develop the right spacing. It is recommended to start practicing at slow tempos then going faster as one becomes comfortable (remember the fourth objective of the rudiments) at the tempos you are practicing at. Level 1 (44-56 bpm), Level 2 (58-70 bpm), Level 3 (72-84 bpm), Level 4 (86-98 bpm), Level 5 (100-112 bpm).

This lesson is played one time, starting at the slowest tempo. The tempo is then moved up 4 beats per minute - eventually ending at the fastest tempo.

An additional exercise (variation) for this is starting at the slowest then gradually speeding up to the fastest tempo the drummer is comfortable with. This will facilitate in teaching the drummer how to close the roll.



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