Friday, February 1, 2008

Professional Help in Writing Could Have Made a Difference

One of the things I did regret in my life was not being able to graduate in the university that I first went to. It was the year 1992 when I passed the only two college entrance examinations that I took: BS Electrical Engineering at UP and BS Mathematics at ADMU. Because of the full scholarship plus allowance granted, I decided to go to Ateneo, although I really wanted to take an engineering degree at Mapua. I wasn’t able to take an entrance exam because I had to decide immediately between ADMU and UP to avail of the DOST scholarship I had then.

I only spent a year in ADMU because during my first semester their I wasn’t responsible enough to attend the ROTC. During the next semester that followed I had difficulty with my English subject’s professor. The problems I had with her left me uninspired and unmotivated to do a Marketing term paper. This caused me to fail the subject ( I didn’t submit the required term paper) and lose the two scholarships I enjoyed.

As I think about it now and after coming across this website that provides custom writing services I started to wish that I had this kind of help. Research papers, business term papers or any other type of term paper is no problem for Students can just give them the basic requirements for the required paper and they can deliver the paper needed on time and with excellent quality.

I’ve gone over that regret now and am positive that everything worked together for good in spite of what happened. I’m happy where I am now.