Saturday, February 9, 2008

Caring for Our Own Folks

Last night I conducted a necrological service for the second time at the same home since we started our church almost five years ago. I remember conducting a similar service a few years ago when the great grandfather of the family passed away. He left an almost 90-year old widow behind. When I visited the same family a few days back before conducting the necrological service at their great grandson’s wake, the old widow expressed how sad she was especially because her great grandson was close to her and sometimes took care of her.

I felt sad for her situation because here in our country, the Philippines, finding someone to care for our old loved ones is not given much funding unlike in first world countries. I even came across a website called which is a comprehensive care home search engine, providing answers to crucial questions about care for loved ones and arranging the right kind of care or searching for care homes that fit special requirement.

But even though caring for old loved ones is different here I’m glad that there are Filipinos who do their best to care for their old folks without necessarily hiring professional help or sending them to care homes. At least relatives still take the responsibility of caring for their old ones.