Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Jobs I Have Tried

It's getting to know me time and in this entry, you will find out the different jobs I have been in. These are jobs wherein I worked and had a boss. But basically, I'll write down every work I did that earned me money. I'll try to put all of them in chronological order but that would be depending on how much I remember them.

1. Donut vendor - I used to walk around the streets of Project 2 & 3, Quezon City selling donuts which my father made. I can't remember when I did this but it was one of the summers during my 2nd to 5th grade years.

2. Children's party crew - I worked on weekends at Kids at Work at SM Megamall (when it was still there). Weekends were the busiest because all time slots for the parties would usually be filled. I helped prepare the party rooms every after another party and received good tips aside from our basic pay. I did this during the mid 90s.

3. Church Music Team Coordinator - I was hired by our pastor to help build our church's music ministry. After seeing that my weekend job as a children's party crew lessened my music ministry involvement, I was given a job offer to drop my weekend job and work for the church instead and help build the music team (recruit and train band members) and I received a weekly allowance for it.

4. Peidcab Driver - I remember one summer during my college years (I think I was in my third year as a BS Mechanical Engineering student), I rented a pedicab from a friend in our subdivision (Marikina Greenheights in Nangka, Marikina) and paid a boundary of PHP 15 to its owner and the money I earned above that, I used for my allowance for my evening classes.

5. Academic and Drums Tutor - During the regular semester, I took part-time jobs either as an academic tutor (for Math subjects) or as a drums tutor (I taught basic drum lessons and notation).

6. Part-time Bank Teller - I applied as a part-time teller for Bank of the Philippine Islands. I went through the same application procedure as the graduates and passed. As a part-time teller, I worked under a year's contract and was allowed to renew but the only limitation was I could only stay in one branch for each one-year contract. So, even though I could have been absorbed automatically as a probationary employee and eventually be regularized if I graduated before my contract expired, I resigned because I was going to be assigned, for the contract renewal, to a branch that was quite far from where I studied. I studied near SM Centerpoint back then and was assigned to BPI Wilson branch during my first contract.

7. Forex Trader - During college, I had to work to support my studies and sometimes had to stop from school to work when I couldn't find a part-time job. I worked as a full-time forex trader in Makati. We sought out individuals who wanted to try forex trading and I learned about the company's Forex trading software, fundamental and technical analysis. It was a financially fulfilling job because we earned in USD. But, marketing wasn't that easy especially after the Asian crisis hit in late 1997 and early 1998. I remember trading in the USD-JPY and my client lost so much money after the JPY fell.

8. Account Manager - The next job I landed was an account manager for a supplier of office supplies. This was in the middle of 1998.

9. Sales Executive - In the latter part of 1998, I worked in sales and earned only by commission, selling the Encyclopaedia Britannica. In this job, I learned how to go from house-to-house to sell the product. It was not a financially fulfilling job but I learned a lot from it.

10. Church Youth Director - After my job as a sales executive, I volunteered for Breaking Point Foundation and helped the youth organization, that hosted the team from the US in 1999, follow up the young people in schools of Marikina, through campus ministries. I was given a weekly allowance doing this.

11. Breaking Point Foundations Philippines Director - In January of 2001, on the third missions trip of the Breaking Point Foundation in the US, I was chosen to be the director of the Philippines office. This was my entry to full-time ministry.

12. Youth Pastor - Since I was working with young people, it was just natural that the youth ministry of the church be entrusted to me as well. I wore two hats - one as the director of Breaking Point and another as the youth pastor of Sumulong Baptist Church in Masinag.

13. Missions Pastor/ Church Planter - After working full-time for two years, in May 2003, me and my whole family were sent out by our mother church to start the church in Makati which I pastor until now.

14. Call center agent - When my wife became pregnant with our son in 2004, I worked in two call centers (JP Morgan Chase and Sykes) to save some money in preparation for our son's birth.

15. Part-time Blogger/Web-content Writer/Internet Marketer - At present, I work full-time as the pastor of Sumulong Baptist Church Makati and the director of Breaking Point Foundation Philippines, but, part-time, earning from blogging and internet marketing. This has helped provide for our son's education, our family's growing needs and the ministry as well.

For both professions, my wife and I have gained exposure in print media: as bloggers in Good Housekeeping Magazine last March 2010 in an article entitled "Blogging For a Living", and as ministers, also in Good Housekeeping, September 2010 issue, in an article entitled "Make Your Marriage Work" (see the pictures here).

In all these jobs, I have seen how God has molded me into the person I am right now and I know that He is not finished me yet. I have followed His calling; doing, what I believe, He has called me to do. Knowing that I am not perfect, I strive to reach the ultimate goal of my life - to give glory to God our Creator with my whole being and to let others know about the saving relationship with God.