Sunday, September 5, 2010

Family Trips

It was a blessing being able to book a flight to Davao and back for May 2011 for only PHP 270. My wife and I decided to get tickets for my relatives and it was successful. We also booked another flight for another week in May. It was to Tagbilaran to get to visit Bohol and our plan was to buy tickets (at the same rate) for Jennie’s relatives.

We were not able to buy tickets for everyone because her parents and uncle can’t travel because of her uncle’s mental condition. He is not a person with disability so he’s not like those entitled to Medicare part D plans in the US.

We were able to book for her sister and brother-in-law but we sure would have enjoyed if all of us went to a trip together. I guess with the situation in the family we either need to accept this limitation or try to work around it (which would take a lot of sacrifice for many concerned). I am still remaining hopeful that someday we'd all be able to go to a trip together.