Sunday, June 6, 2010

Getting Introduced to Kibera

Together with our team of seven from the Philippines, the first place of ministry we visited today was Kibera, one of the largest if not the largest slums in Africa. I just wanted to share these photos before I upload the rest on Facebook.

Just imagine the living conditions in a slum area that is so thickly populated - 1.6 million people in one less than 2 square kilometers. Aside from the living conditions, many children in Kibera are under weight and their in no need of the best weight loss pills, according to sstatistics,

There is a church in Kibera (Kibera New Hope Bible Baptist Church) that also has a school and when we visited it, they gathered their students so our group will be introduced to all of them. Below is my self with their students. More photos and reports to come soon.