Sunday, June 6, 2010

A 5-hour Time Difference

Jet lag has set in and I can’ sleep when I should. Yesterday, our sponsor for this trip invited everyone for a power walk in the morning. But, even though I could use a bit of exercise, I declined because ofmy adjustment with time.

Jogging would have been a replacement for a any new diet pills but I do not have enough strength mentally and physically to force myself to exercise. I just hope I would be able to adjust soon.



lemuel said...

bro, good to know you arrived there safely. 5 hour difference is a bit hard to adjust but i am sure you can adjust in one day. I once had a trip to a foreign country too, my first time too and the time difference was 9 hours. It was difficult plus it was almost the opposite time we had here in the Philippines. I have to wake up early to call or stay up late to reach here. Plus the daytime is long, imagine, its 9pm at night and the sun is still up? Darkness will just set in at 11 pm and the sun will rise as early as 430 am. Good luck bro. Ikaw pa, you can adjust anywhere easily.