Monday, June 28, 2010

An Exciting World Cup 2010 Round of 16

The second day of the Round of 16 has been very exciting. I watched the matches in the first day and saw two teams that I liked knocked out (USA and South Korea). But for the second day, I saw England, the team I was supporting, routed by Germany in a 4-1 win. It was the first time for England to lose by more than a margin of two goals in any FIFA World Cup match.

The look before a strike (from one of our club tournaments)

The second game of the second day was a different story and deserved to be watched in entertainment centers as the team I support won. Tevez shined and made two goals and another one was added by Higuain before Mexico rifled in one of its own to make it 3-1 for Argentina.

I am looking forward to watching other upcoming games (Netherlands vs Slovakia, Brazil vs Chile, Paraguay vs Japan and Spain vs Portugal). I hope Netherlands, Brazil, Japan and Portugal make it to the quarter finals.