Thursday, June 24, 2010

Diamonds in the Rough: New Friends from Kibera

I arrived last week from a trip to Africa. I went to Nairobi, Kenya with a group and was introduced to a place called Kibera. It is the largest slum in Nairobi and the second largest slum in Africa which has a population of up to 1.6 million within its area of one square mile.

Our team went to Kibera New Hope Bible Baptist Church which has a feeding program, a primary school for selected children in Kibera and a scholarship program for those who qualify for high school in their school, all sponsored by Manna Worldwide.

I met some of the eighth grade students from their school when we helped a group of nurses from Texas with their lecture about abstinence and HIV. I committed to pray for 5 boys as they will be taking a high school qualifying exam on November 9, 2010. These boys already have a personal relationship with Christ and I just believe that God has a wonderful plan for each of them and I would personally want to see that unfold.

For many people who come to Africa, they try to look for things like loose diamonds, the safari trip and many other things like that. I honestly looked forward to going on a safari in Nariobi. But what captured my heart were not those things that many try to seek. I was moved by the diamonds in the rough – the boys that God can use for His greater plan as they are blessed with wonderful opportunities that many in Kibera do not have.



Reena said...

it's nice to have friends from different cultures.