Thursday, February 18, 2010

Just Thinking Out Loud

This year, I am turning 35. The more I get closer to 40 the more I feel the urgency to go out and exercise, burn those fats and try to stay fit.

That would mean staying under the sun longer and getting my old skin id back (yes, my skin was much darker before). It would also mean losing some time for other things. But, with the sports that I am into lately I am still able to force myself to sweat some fat out but not keep myself fit. I want to be able to play basketball and football until I am 45. Dream on! I'm just thinking out loud.



lemuel said...

Bro, i turned 35 this year. it is a milestone indeed. 5 years to go to reach 40. i just started to play badminton again. You want to join? Saturdays afternoon

Learning Photography said...

sama ako!!! :-P