Saturday, February 20, 2010

I'm Back in the Top 200 in Entrecard

After just dropping 300 Entrecards daily for three days straight my account in Entrecard is now on the top 200 of the most popular. The reason why I noticed is because I use the top 300 most popular Entrecarders list in dropping 300 Entrecards.

If you read my post on my other blog about hot to drop 300 Entrecards fast and its effect on your blog, you'll understand why I put time and effort into it. Even if it sometimes robs me of time to write about the best rosacea treatment I still try my best to drop 300 Entrecards consistently. It becomes addictive at some point, but i am not addicted. When I am very busy, I do not drop Entrecards. That's how simple it is for me.

So I am just very happy that after missing a few days of not being able to drop 300 Entrecards I quickly got back to the top 200. Yaaay!