Monday, February 8, 2010

I Started My Online Store with and

I just set up my first online store at, the social e-commerce solution, from and I named it "Cheaper Online". Right now the products available in my store are just a few of what I prefer to sell and there is no particular theme or niche.’s mission is to become the Pioneer and Enabler as well as being a professional Service Provider in a brand new Business-to-Business-to-Consumer-to-Consumer (B2B2C2C) platform in Asia Internet Retailing industry. It has been their vision to be the Top 5 Internet Retailing platform in Asia Pacific Region and to build their very own brand and make a stand in Asia.

Photo with and executives (from left: Eddie Lee - CIO, Jeffrey Aspacio, Edward Ling - CEO Philippines and Edgar Canlas - COO Philippines) is the social e-commerce platform that features not only a complete e-commerce tools online entrepreneurs, but also a business intelligent trading engine.

Personally, I think and solved a lot of the problems that other online e-commerce websites have not. Let me list them for you:

1. Clients like me are provided our own web store that can be personalized to fit business needs.

2. We are also provided with CRM (Customer Relationship Management) System to help them keep track of their frequent buyers and build business relationship with them for a better market.

3. They have a payment gateway that is so secured and hassle-free. The system they use helps prevent online scams and provides security both to the buyer and a seller like me.

4. Their service includes a logistic system from the world’s leading logistic service provider (to cater on both international and domestic delivery). That means the products I sell on my online store can be made available to anyone in our country and around the world.

5. Their clients' online stores are found in their e-Trading platform that is known as SMilDS WORLD, a one-stop e-Mall that can surely amaze all online shoppers.

6. Online entrepreneurs like me can up-sell, bundle-sell, and the 4th generation of e-Commerce – cross-sell. They are the FIRST and only e-Commerce platform as of to-date to offer this feature.

I have a "Lite Pack" account with SMilDS but they have other packages available for online entrepreneurs. Below are the and product packages available.