Friday, February 12, 2010

Having Second Thoughts on a 1987 Mitsubishi Lancer

I am thinking about buying a car at a low price from a friend. His car is a 1987 Mitsubishi Lancer. The thing, though, is that it was submerged in river water when typhoon Ondoy hit. It was in good running condition before it went under water.

My friend's 1987 Mitsubishi Lancer (view from the front)

My friend's 1987 Mitsubishi Lancer (view from the rear)

I hesitate to invest on it because it has been a long time since Ondoy. But, I am planning to ask my mechanic, not the pleasanton motorcycle accident attorney, if he can still make it run again. The good thing is this car doesn’t have a computer box so that will lessen the cost considerably. My friend also told me that they never attempted to start its engine or open its doors. And that’s the way it looks – abandoned since the typhoon. But, I think that is better than if they attempted to start the engine.

The other thing I am considering is the price of course. I think the price my friend is giving me is still too much considering its present condition. But I do not want to wait too long because someone might strike a deal before I do. I just need to estimate how much it would cost to bring it back to good, usable, running condition before I buy it. I plan to eventually sell it, too.



eRLyN said...

buy it for 5k coz that's the standard price for a car of that age that is no longer running, or what they call ung mga kinakahoy na. then you'll probably spend 50-80k to fully restore that car in its former glory.

btw, care to link exchange?

Anonymous said...

bro. go for your dream car, the new honda city 2009 model! :).

kaya na yan this year! :)

your college bud. :)