Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Two-Storey House Soon?

Talks about building a second floor on our house is now ongoing. Actually, when we had our 48-square-meter house built in 2007, a second floor was already included in the plan. We did not intend to have another floor built right away and, in fact, I thought we would add the extra storey when our four-year-old son reaches high school. Add in to that the mortgage we need to pay for twelve more years.

But, after Ondoy struck and flooded our area, I, my wife and my in-laws have started considering having a second floor built which can also serve as a place of refuge if in case it floods again like it did last September 26 and 27. Having a second floor will give us additional rooms and bathrooms.

So as we venture into building an extra bathroom and rooms on our soon to be built second floor, we may not necessarily get the elegant and lovely bathroom suites from BeterBathRooms.com, although it would really be nice if we did. But since the motivation behind all these is to build a place to shelter us during a flood, then building just the basics would be enough. Hopefully, this project will get started soon.



Cher said...

I volunteer to be the interior designer. ^_^