Saturday, October 3, 2009

Location for the 2016 Olympic Games Set

The 2016 Olympic Games location are going to be at Rio de Janeiro. In a vote of high drama, the bustling Brazilian carnival city beat surprise finalist Madrid. Another city, Chicago, was knocked out in the first round—in one of the most shocking defeats ever in International Olympic Committee (IOC) voting. Even Tokyo, which had trailed throughout the race, did better—eliminated after Chicago in the second round.

Rio de Janeiro, a city of beaches, mountains and samba is the location for the 2016 Olympics officially

Rio de Janeiro, the where the 2016 Olympics will be held, spoke to IOC members’ consciences: the city argued that it was simply unfair that South America has never hosted the games, while Europe, Asia and North America have done so repeatedly.

“It is a time to address this imbalance. It is time to light the Olympic cauldron in a tropical country.” ” Brazil’s president, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, told the IOC’s members before they voted. Pele, the great football player, had tears in his eyes after the 2010 olympics announcement was given by IOC President Jacques Rogge.



Jasa said...

south america must host the olympics.. this cud go a long way in developing the games