Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Sleepless Typhoon Night

Last night, I wasn’t able to get some real sleep. The wind and the rains from typhoon “Santi” (international name: Mirinae) kept me awake. The rains were a very gloomy contrast to what was it like earlier. My wife worried more than I did but I could not admit to her how worried I was, too. I was trying to be strong for her – for our family.

It may seem to be so big a deal for us, but I guess that’s how it is for us who have experienced being flooded. At around 1 am I went out to drive our car to higher ground. My wife has started to pack stuff for evacuation just in case (food supplies, batteries for the radio and flashlight, some wrinkle cream, other toiletries).

We eventually fell asleep after some prayer and after distracting ourselves with other things to get us through the stormy night. We hope that it won’t be this way each time there is a storm or a typhoon in our area.



Cher Cabula said...

I've been up most of the night as well, the winds were crazy strong. It's a good thing we're all safe.

lemuel said...

i was up all night too, i was thinking about my sister's family because their house was submerged up to the roof last typhoon Ondoy. when it was raining hard around 1 am, i decided to go to their house and tell them to go to higher ground. my sister's kids together with their dad went to their grandparents house and i decided to stay and be with my mom and dad. fortunately everything went well and i decided to go home by 5am