Monday, October 19, 2009

Press Release: Department of Tourism, MTV and Apl De Ap Partnership

DOT and MTV: a partnership in perfect harmony

Fun, exciting and intensely musical - these are words that can easily be used to describe both the Philippines and MTV.

"We have so much in common," states Bill Roedy, Chairman and CEO of MTVN International, when he remarked on the partnership between the Philippine Department of Tourism and MTV. Secretary Ace Durano of the DOT agrees, "Music is as part of the Philippines as our cultural heritage, there is just a perfect fit between MTV and the Philippines."

This collaboration marks the first time that the media giant has joined forces with a country to promote its tourism industry and it exemplifies the innovative direction that the DOT has taken to reach out to younger generations of world travelers. The resulting campaign anchored on the global DOT website, which represents a perfect synergy of the youthfulness of MTV and the unique charms of the Philippines. As Roedy puts it, "Our audience is young and vibrant and that's exactly what the Philippines is."

Undersecretary Eduardo Jarque, Jr. also shares, “The partnership has been a massive hit, specially with online marketing that is now a key platform for the travel industry.” The campaign taps at least 55 million people in eleven markets through the MTV global network, propelling the Awesome Philippines website through the digital stratosphere with 1 billion impressions and 1 million page views as well as giving rise to groundbreaking promotions like the Awesome Experience search vignettes, Awesome Remixer, Maverick sites, MTV Revelations island on Second Life, and the recent music video sensation, Take U to the Philippines by

DOT and MTV's partnership only seems to grow stronger as it plays out, bringing more exciting ways to promote the Philippines at every turn. It certainly sounds like a perfect fit.